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Xandikos is a CardDAV/CalDAV server that backs onto a Git repository.

Xandikos (Ξανδικός or Ξανθικός) takes its name from the name of the March month in the ancient Macedonian calendar, used in Macedon in the first millennium BC.

Implemented standards

The following standards are implemented:

See [[notes/]] for more detail on specification compliancy.


Supported clients

Xandikos has been tested and works with the following clients:

Clients that are known not to work:


To run a standalone (low-performance) instance of Xandikos, simply create a directory to store your data (say $HOME/dav) and run it:

mkdir -p $HOME/dav
./bin/xandikos -d $HOME/dav

A server should now be running on localhost:8080.


There is a #xandikos IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network, and a xandikos mailing list.


At the moment, Xandikos supports Python 3.5 and higher as well as Pypy 3. It also uses dulwich, icalendar and defusedxml.