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Per-collection configuration

Xandikos needs to store several piece of per-collection metadata.

Some of these can be inferred from other sources.

For starters, for each collection:

  • resource types: principal, calendar, addressbook

Per resource type-specific properties


Per principal configuration settings:

  • calendar home sets
  • addressbook home sets
  • user address set
  • infit settings


Need per calendar config:

  • color
  • description (can be inferred from .git/description)
  • inbox URL
  • outbox URL
  • max instances
  • max attendees per instance
  • calendar timezone
  • calendar schedule transparency


Need per addressbook config:

  • max image size
  • max resource size
  • color
  • description (can be inferred from .git/description)

Schedule Inbox

  • default-calendar-URL

Proposed format

Store a ini-style .xandikos file in the directory hosting the Collection (or Tree in case of a Git repository).


# This is a standard Python configobj file, so it's mostly ini-style, and comments # can appear preceded by #.

color = 030003