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Silver-Platter makes it possible to contribute automatable changes to source code in a version control system.

It automatically creates a local checkout of a remote repository, makes user-specified changes, publishes those changes on the remote hosting site and then creates a pull request.

In addition to that, it can also perform basic maintenance on branches that have been proposed for merging - such as restarting them if they have conflicts due to upstream changes.

Getting started

To log in to a code-hosting site, use svp login:

svp login

The simplest way to create a change as a merge proposal is to run something like:

svp run --mode=propose ./

where makes some modifications to a working copy and prints the body for the pull request to standard out. For example:

sed -i 's/framwork/framework/' README.rst
echo "Fix common typo: framwork => framework"

Supported hosters

At the moment, the following code hosters are supported:

Working with Debian packages

Several common operations for Debian packages have dedicated subcommands under the debian-svp command. These will also automatically look up packaging repository location for any Debian package names that are specified.

Subcommands that are available include:

  • lintian-brush: Run the lintian-brush command on the branch.
  • upload-pending: Build and upload a package and push/propose the changelog updates.
  • new-upstream: Merge in a new upstream release or snapshot.
  • apply-multi-arch-hints: Apply multi-arch hints.
  • orphan: Mark a package as orphaned, update its Maintainer field and move it to the common Debian salsa group.
  • rules-requires-root: Mark a package as "Rules-Requires-Root: no"

debian-svp run takes package name arguments that will be resolved to repository locations from the Vcs-Git field in the package.

See debian-svp COMMAND --help for more details.

Examples running debian-svp:

debian-svp lintian-brush samba
debian-svp lintian-brush --mode=propose samba
debian-svp lintian-brush --mode=push samba

debian-svp upload-pending tdb

debian-svp new-upstream --no-build-verify tdb

debian-svp apply-multi-arch-hints tdb


The svp hosters subcommand can be used to display the hosting sites that silver-platter is aware of:

svp hosters

And to log into a new hosting site, simply run svp login BASE-URL, e.g.:

svp login