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pam_krb5_migrate is a stackable authentication module that takes a username and password from an earlier module in the stack, and attempts to transparently add them to a Kerberos realm using the Kerberos 5 kadmin service. The module can be used to ease the administrative burdens of migrating a large installed userbase from pre-existing authentication methods to a Kerberos-based setup.

The most current version of this module can always be found at

For sample usage in a module stack, see the enclosed login.pam file.

The following options are recognized by the module:

option description
debug turn debug logging on
keytab=<file> use alternate keytab for authentication (default is /etc/security/pam_krb5.keytab)
min_uid=<uid> don't add principals for uid's lower than <uid>. (default is 100)
principal=<name> use the key for <name> instead of the default pam_migrate/<hostname> key
realm=<REALM> update the database for a realm other than the default realm.

pam_krb5_migrate was written by Steve Langasek <>.

Please send questions and comments (and especially bugfixes) to the current maintainer, Jelmer Vernooij <>.